What's this all about?

Do you smash capitalism, or do you soften it up, erode it away, and grow something new in the fertile soil?  I don’t have any kind of master plan, except in fleeting moments a few minutes after the morning coffee.  And I feel like talking in political terms is often a good way to lose the sense our mamas gave us.  But we’ve got to get about dramatically transforming the way we live together as one human family.

Yeah, we have some guiding principles around here. I mean, it can't just be a free-for-all.

Cooperative Economics and Anarchist Teamwork Principles

What exactly does this mean? How does this show up?  Well…

  1. Shared ownership and authorship of creative properties. We work to respect both individual authorship and our influence on each other.
  2. We adopt roles and responsibilities in order to work effectively as a team, but we all have to make sure the beating heart of this is real, unique people sharing a project that we each have a part in creating. We may have work flows, budgets, and schedules, but this is not a factory; it’s a playground.
  3. We are responsible for meeting each other’s needs through the business. Unlike a Capitalist business that puts employees on the books as a necessary, inconvenient expense in the pursuit of returns to capital, we recognize that a part of the purpose of this project is the lives it supports.  We take pride in that and explicitly prioritize it.
  4. We are organizationally open source and look to complement, not compete with, other people doing similar things. Maybe you’ll want to come join our jam at some point, maybe we’ll want to come join yours.  The important thing is having plenty of good music.