Episode 1. Will Katelyn ever escape?

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Episode 2: The Plot Thins

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Does your job suck?

Does negotiating the daily grind of humiliation and bureaucratic absurdity leave you, at the end of every shift, with muscles twitching from exhaustion and a soul mired in a deep chasm of existential dread? Before you burn the place to the ground, sneak off for a “bathroom break” and spend a minute relaxing with the gang from Kafco, for a look at the lighter side of earning a living in a dystopian hellscape.  LIke working at Kroger in a short story by Franz Kafka, the morning coffee is as bitter as the class struggle, and every cup comes out of your check.

Welcome to Kafco.

Oh, PS- If you got here from the home page, sorry to repeat Dave’s pitch text.  It feels gross and corporate to me, and like everything I hate about being professional.  Still, we want to be professional, and you might not have read it yet.  Whatever.  Maybe we’ll put something else in this spot. Would that be more revolutionary?  No, not giving a fuck would be more revolutionary.  We’ll do what we feel like. -Chris

Episode 1 (The story is very important.  You’ll want to follow along closely)


Episode 2. The Plot Thins.



Episode 3. Oh, this touches my soul.Kafco_0001 Kafco_0002 Kafco_0003 Kafco_0004 Kafco_0005 Kafco_0006 Kafco_0008

Take the rest of your life off.  You've earned it.