In the spirit of Ujamaa, we’re glad to help promote The Bonfire Talks.  Meeka Mason hosts this hangout twice monthly, independent of us. Her project is in the spirit of finding our way forward together in a different direction, of rediscovering our power to be the authors of our own communities, and of staying centered around what’s good and true in life.  Which is our intent around here, too.  So we lift our voices together as different parts of the same music.  Here’s Meeka in her own words, below.

I have about three reasons why I launched The Bonfire Talks.

For one, face to face interaction is extremely important when discussing sensitive topics. If we see each other’s facial expressions and body language, we are then able to know (and possibly understand) each other’s true intention.

Secondly, the series will generate thoughtful dialogue about various issues that we are interested in. And finally, those watching and presenting will have the opportunity to share resources.

The more we educate each other, the more we know. And the more we know, the more personal and political power we will attain to make a difference in our environment. So with that being said, I stress the importance of The Bonfire Talks and how it can create an interactive global community—one person at a time.

-Meeka Mason


Second and Fourth Tuesday of Every Month.  7PM ET, Google+ Hangout.  Join us!

Episode 2: Jessica Lee
Jessica is an undocumented immigrant turned tech entrepreneur. She grew up in LA suburbs in the shadows, not knowing any other undocumented person. In college, she luckily found DreamActivist PA, an undocumented-led activist group. In 2012, she risked deportation at a protest to declare “undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic” and to tell other undocumented people that we are not alone and that we have to fight for each other. She is now working on a community organizing app startup called HandStack.

Episode 1: Meka Croso
Meka Croso is an aspiring writer and author whose interests are animation, story telling and comics.  He hopes to one day work for the video game industry.  For years, he has created creating worlds, lores and characters.  Right now, Meka is working on his second science fiction fantasy project that will be released by early 2016.

Meka is currently a college student and hopes to continue his education through art school.