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Pre-Order: The USA Patriot American Freedom and Liberty League, #1


There are plenty of places in the sprawling Federal bureaucracy where you can not rock the boat, be forgotten, and lead a quiet, comfortable life doing something mundanely useful.  On the other hand, there aren’t exactly any “forgotten departments” in the Optimizing Government Agency.  No, those who are aware of OGA’s existence at all, watch it like hawks.  They just pretend not to.

Which is why it’s amazing that Leticia Fernandez has gotten as far as she has.  In a hopelessly corrupted sham Republic, there are still a few people whose commitment to the values of freedom, equality, and brotherhood and sisterhood extends beyond lip service into meaningful action.  Leticia is one of those people.  And she needs all the help and protection she can get from the handful of sympathetic higher-ups.

It’s still dicey sometimes, but she gets that protection.  She has assembled an unlikely, motley team of STEAM* whiz kids to carry on America’s unfinished revolution.  And they’re taking the Great Experiment in Freedom in directions nobody expected.  Leticia thinks the constant surprises are what she loves most about this country.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

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Officially, this team doesn’t exist.



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Cliches recycled:

Oh, lots, I’m not gonna lie. But c’mon now, recycled cliches are to comix what a good roux is to Cajun cooking. Where would Harry Potter be without them, amirite? Settle in, Tomorrow People, put your imagination caps on, and let’s go for a ride that wraps theoretical physics up with the vibrant, radiant, celebration of freedom that beats in American hearts, and strains at American reality.

Story and Art:

If we told you, we’d have to kill you.


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