Holding up this heirarchy is more trouble than it's worth.
The Young Ones Need MeAlso, glowey hand powers.He’s kinda mysterious, right?This one has the chest logo that Naquasia came up with.

Pre-Order: The Unionizer #1


Working people giving everything they’ve got just to get by sometimes whisper his name, or daydream about him while passing the time on their repetitive, exhausting, under-appreciated shift.  Some insist he’s just a story told to children to make them feel better, and that this is actually a bad idea- better to prepare them for the cruel world they’re headed into by not getting their hopes up.

Even those who have known him personally say he’s just as much a spirit as a man.  He must be.  How else could he appear in every age, to every generation, at their hour of greatest need?

Vito Rizzo grew up listening to his great-grandfather’s stories about The Unionizer during the early 20th century, but figured the way his legs were with the Multiple Sclerosis, he’d never even get as far as the struggle in the workplace.  But the spirit of the Unionizer seeks a strong, caring heart for a host.  Which means Vito is about to embark on the ride of his life.

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Product Description

I met Naquasia LeGrand at the Metro Justice Annual Dinner in Rochester, where she was the keynote speaker.  We were deep into a conversation, and I was about to tell her about this project I was gestating, Global Revolution Comix.  Before I could even start in, she started telling me about a superhero she and her friends had come up with, The Unionizer.

Over the next couple of months, as we all hustled to try to keep our bills paid and roofs over our heads, we kept talking about it.  Naquasia’s writing mentor, the awesome Terry Schwadron, put me in touch with Anthony Roman, and we started kicking things around.  It was impossible to get people on the phone at the same time, to have a Google Hangout, or anything sensible that would take place if we had office jobs.  Maurice was and remains homeless, living in a shelter and working a job, people’s cell phones are sometimes turned off… We find ways to keep this jam going nonetheless.

Over the almost three months since the annual dinner, hearing Naquasia sound weary on the phone  has been one of the hardest things.  We’re all doing what we’re doing to build a better future for all of us, and sometimes that takes every last ounce you’ve got and leaves you dead on your feet still having somewhere to hike to.

There’s no future for a world where we are pitted against each other to chase a dollar.  The only future that makes sense is one we build together.  For each other.




Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10.25 x 6.65 in
About this cover:

The cover to The Unionizer #1 is homage to the 1911 illustration “Pyramid of Capitalist System,” which originally ran in the Industrial Workers of the World newspaper “Industrial Worker,” and is credited to “Nedeljkovich, Brasnich, & Kumarich.”

Art and Story:

Created by Naquasia LeGrand, Maurice Royal, and Anthony Roman, along with Chris McCamic. Art and story created together. Because that’s how we’re stronger. Together.

General Tone:

Historical like a mother, and rooted in the present day lives of the rank and file. Low wage workers trying to survive low wage lives, in a world that wants to keep them right where they are.


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