El Anarquistador #1

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When the Nguyen family is foreclosed on despite assurances, they turn to Reclaim the Land for help.  Charlie’s roommates in the Golden Lotus Cooperative go right to work on keeping the Nguyens in their home, but Charlie thinks he can get to the bottom of this…  As El Anarquistador.

What nefarious villain is really behind the predatory move on the Nguyen’s?  The Invisible Hand?  The Job Creator?

Find out in the exciting first issue of El Anarquistador: The Decolonizer.  In the works even now.

Currently not for sale; this page is for demonstration purposes only.  Support our Kickstarter campaign, and we’ll send you original art.  Thanks for your help!

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Product Description

Charlie Crittenden was just another brother of Delta Beta Alpha Gamma.  Ultimate frisbee, Business Economics, hockey, and girls…  Life was good.

Until one night at Burning Man, in the wee hours of the morning, he smoked a joint laced with hyperintelligent nanocrystals.  And everything started to change.



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Dimensions 10.25 x 6.65 in
General Tone:

Slightly ridiculous and playful, yet with profound regard for the subject matter. You know, like life. It’s quite serious, a terminal condition, and it matters a great deal, yet what else is there to do but throw yourself into it?

Art and Story:

Chris McCamic