Below is our planning work for producing a single issue of a comic book.  There’s a Gantt chart (project management timeline) that works out how we ramp up to a cycle where we release a comic monthly, and a budget with a table of costs.

Eventually, we’d like to pay better rates to our creators. And while we’re starting up, it will naturally be difficult to be this single-minded.  There are just too many questions we still need to work out on the fly.  It will take time to robustly insulate our production pipelines so that they can work like well-oiled machines.  Have no doubt we can get there, though.

Ew, all this talk of machines.  I guess it’s necessary, but let’s not get too excited about it, OK?  

Our price references: 
Writing  |  Pencilling  |  Inking  |  Lettering  |  Coloring  | Printing